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Racing Trilogy Volume 1

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Racing Trilogy Volume 1


Pentium II 300MHz 64MB RAM 80MB hard disk space 16-bit colour DirectX 8 compatible sound card 3D graphic card with at least 8MB RAM Windows© 98 ME 2000 or XP.

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Racing Trilogy Volume 1

Highway Racing
The Highway cries out to be ridden hard and fast. Drive against the clock or pit yourself against other speed-crazed antics. Some drivers may crawl along others push the limits passing you in a second. Each driver is unique with their own arsenal of techniques attitude and fears. Just like in real life your choices on the road will effect everyone around you. Mate this is the real thing! If you don?t want to deal with traffic cruddy weather and drivers which range from dumb to death defying then go play with your Matchbox cars!
Midnight Street Racing
Say goodbye to speed limits as Midnight Street Racing gives you the opportunity to take part in races driving at dangerous speeds throughout the countryside suburbs and towns. Watch out for heavy traffic and an attentive police force with state of the art speed traps. Take part in illegal street-races at midnight. However be warned racing at night brings its own set of problems such as impaired visibility difficult lighting and blinding headlights from the oncoming traffic. All that said and done - go for it - pedal to the metal!

Speed Thief
You?ve stolen a car so get moving quickly as someone?s already reported your theft to the police. Don?t expect the cops to be snoozing as the whole police force has been mobilised against you. So open the throttle burn rubber and drive like a bat out of hell! Become the fastest speed thief out there by putting your money where your mouth is with cash winnings. Being on the police Most Wanted list is exactly where an adrenalin junky like you wants to be.

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