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Phonics & Spelling (boxed)

Phonics & Spelling (boxed)


Windows 98, ME, 2000,XP, Vista or 7


Mac OS X 10.6

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Phonics & Spelling (boxed)

Children will have an enormous amount of fun learning to become better readers and spellers with Phonics & Spelling. Using highly interactive and effective lesson plans developed in conjunction with the Australian and New Zealand school curricula guidelines, emergent readers are taught letter-sound relationships by exposing them to phonic rules and generalisations through a range of fun facts and game activities.

Develops Essential Skills in:

- Blending
- Digraphs

- Dipthongs
- Initial and terminal blends
- The bossy 'e' rule

Letter Blends Treated:

a, ai, al, ar, au, aw, ay, ch, ci, ck, dge, ea, ear, ed, ee, ei, eigh, er, ew, ey, ff, gh, gn, ie, igh, ir, kn, ll, ng, nk, o, oa, oe, oi, oo, or, ou, ough, ow, oy, ph, qu, s, sh, si, ss, th, ti, u, ui, ur, wh, wor, wr

Flash Cards
Children can reinforce the lessons taught in the software away from the computer with 40 double-sided graded interactive flash cards containing over 170 multiple choice type questions.

Activity Book
The carefully graded 40-page activity book provides children with written revision to further reinforce the lessons taught in the software.
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